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AS Christmas gets closer I'm reminded you're not with us :( No matter how many years it's been, it doesn't hurt any less :( I'm as happy as I've ever been but I'm not complete, I'm missing my first born son <3 How much I want u hear n wish I co
    Buses, desks, chairs, pencils, papers flying every where.     Another school day is regretfully here.     As the instructor calls roll and the morning bell goes a tolling,
Ruby red trips called her lips contort in pain and sadness she sees the light leaving his eyes, the fight no longer in his favor  As memories of their past clouds her mind clarity is miles away on vacation
Young lady, young man With open minds ready to explore. Ready to find fundamentally sound doctrine Along with life and all its mysteries. Pull up a chair quick and sit Registration ends soon.
We never missed a Fridaynot ever one at all.It was our favorite wayto talk, our favorite day to call. We’d call each other
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