More Than Just a Call

Sun, 08/11/2013 - 22:42 -- dvisone


We never missed a Friday
not ever one at all.
It was our favorite way
to talk, our favorite day to call.

We’d call each other

just to laugh and talk with one another.
“Does a giraffe make a noise”?
You said to me with such poise.
I couldn’t help but laugh
at your favorite animal, the giraffe.

This week was very busy
because you had gone to Disney
and I had met an athlete
a cyclist to be exact.
I couldn’t wait to tell you,
I didn’t know how you would react.
But Friday came and went
and we never got to vent.

It wasn’t like us to miss our time
to catch up with each other.
It seemed like such a crime
to forget about one another.

We didn’t get to talk that Saturday
or that Sunday

A text came first, and then a call.
But neither,
were from you at all.

She’s gone they cried
 into my ear
and suddenly I was filled with fear.
The thought of having no one,
 with whom left to confide
just left me wanting to go run
to disappear
and hide.

There I sat all alone
and dripping from my eyes,
I couldn’t help but moan
I never said my good-byes.

We didn’t have long enough together
your sick heart didn’t let you live forever.
But in my heart you’ll stay
and I’ll think of you every Friday.
After all,
it was our favorite day to call.


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