Thu, 10/03/2013 - 19:39 -- zae

Ruby red trips called her lips

contort in pain and sadness

she sees the light leaving his eyes, the fight no longer in his favor 

As memories of their past clouds her mind

clarity is miles away on vacation

Regret is a feeling that pains her more with each breath of his that gets shallower

With the heave of her chest, and the hollowness there that's growing by the second

Stupid actions now in her rear view mirror

Used to be a means to their end

Someday a life for them..together 

He's giving up, tapping out, and she's growing crazier by the moment 

As wild thoughts she had never even entertained before

Have become plans to do now that her partner is leaving 

A permanant business trip , that will keep him away 

And take her sanity with him 

She had lived her whole life with him written all over her

Movements that were theirs to share 

Habits they had after months, years , and hours spent together 

Acquired, become used to, had lived in

Are now make- believe actions, uncompleted

One last look of words they've already spoken 

Of love that went beyond the torture both were now enduring

She knew what to do 

They had planned for years in preparation of this exact moment

But here, now, her heart was broken 

And she realized now the plan was a pre caution of love 

that he had laid out for her the steps she must take 

Knowing his time of having their words written so clearly on each other 

In perfect cursive and syllables patterned in iambic pentameter

A ode to their love and a ballad to fill her moments of silence 

Would eventually have to have 

a period 



Was written 


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