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I came in this world as a reject.

No one wanted me and no one needed me. 

But then one day.... That one day. 

I found an outcast kind of like me. 

No one wanted her when life has defeated her. 

So I made her feel welcomed. 

I made her feel needed. 

I try and try to explain to her. 

Sadly she couldn't see it. But I didn't give up. 

I gave all that I got.

She couldn't see what I can see. 

But I could see what she could see. 

She never knew..... 

So I was sad. So very broken. Broken into pieces. So here I am again. Still no one wanted me

No one needed me... Still a reject. 

So the same old thing. Same old routine.

So alone and so cold. With no one to hold. I thought it could of been... You then me. 

Then me then you. Sadly I'm sorry....

         I can't continue.


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