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Dear Daddy, When will you be home? These walls, they feel so empty In my house, I feel so alone. Here, my sadness drenches me;
Dear Daddy,When will you be home?These walls, they feel so emptyIn my house, I feel so alone.Here, my sadness drenches me;It’s been a year of intense growthWhile I learn to live without you.But this numbness is in my toes-This emptiness, I wish yo
Our Nation      Closing my eyesI ponder who I am when thinking back     To the Fourth of July.American flag in my tiny hand     While in the other liesA picture of my in uniform.     My mother showcases our sign That I helped made which says     “
Summer ends my time at Parris Island. Marines marching and DI's scream. To welcome home our new Marines. June 13 the few, the proud, the graduation of my marine.
The Few. This way of life is not for everyone; Most think we're crazy, which might be true. There's no black, white, or brown, just green. Serving my Country  with pride, Along side my Corps family.
In a crowd you are bound to spot him He is standing so very tall Not too much impresses him He has seen and done it all. His hair is short, eyes are sharp, and not a smile is seen
You'll be leaving soon Off to begin the adventure of your life.  You'll be exploring the globe. Ocean to Ocean. Mountain top to mountain top. Your book will reach to its final chapter someday.
USMC fighting to save, support  you earn respect and give it  then proudly wear it  the respect becomes yours  they fight till the end brothers all in all  guns in hand 
You are my best friend, a great brother, a great person. I look up to you, my hero. What happens if you come back and you don't care about me the same?
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