Our Nation

Our Nation      Closing my eyesI ponder who I am when thinking back     To the Fourth of July.American flag in my tiny hand     While in the other liesA picture of my in uniform.     My mother showcases our sign That I helped made which says     “Happy Fourth of July!!”Growing tears in her eyes     And it makes me wonderWhy?     Is it because daddy isn't by our side?Or is it because she's joyful      With pride in our Nation?In the hands of the “American Dream”      Lies our destination.My father was the model citizen     Leading him to willingly Die for OUR Nation.     Glazed eyes to the skyI thank god      He came home alive.USMC taught him most importantly      Semper fi Blessings to all families      Especially military wives.For his fallen brothers:     May god bless youFor your service      I am forever grateful. -Taylor Manning (proud daughter of a United States Marine)  

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My family
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