The Sound of That Little Calming Voice

Midnight sky
Stars shinning, full moon
Wind blowing swishfully
Owls hooing greatly

A sound of peacefulness
Grass tickling my leg
I block out the screaming
Trying to listen to the nature

Dont worry about life
Life gives you hard times
Go, relax, and dont worry
"She loves you, she just doesn't know
how to show it."

"But she wont leave him!"
"Does it matter she still does."
"I don't know! I want my mother back!"
"Just calm down with me"
"....I'm just soooo confused..."
"Come lie down with my and calm down."
"Okay. I guess."

Listining to the nature
Finally calm.



I'm speechless. That was really moving. You're a great poet. 


thank you!

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