Pain: What's Mine is Yours


Pain is there,

Day by day.

Pain without shame,

Yet i'm about to kill the pain.

Fame that can't ease my pain,

But yet you make me feel the shame.

The shame it comes,

It goes it's way.

The pain it's here to stay.

Day by day.

That how it goes,

I do not know,

What my future holds.

Maybe one day it will be,

A world where i am free.

Away from pain,

Away from shame,

Away from all the cause this stain.

In my heart,

In my soul,

These times they take their toll.

This is my life,

This is my pain.

Oneday you will feel this way.

When you do,

I hope you know,

That the pain may grow.

When it grows,

The day may change,

And night may come to rule again.

Look for light,

Look for day,

Look for those that lead away.

The pain it does not have to stay.

The pain it may,

Fade away.

The anger at bay,

The light of day.

Can make it all just fade away


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