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A girl briefly met Death after Hissing for twelve years and  Death was prompt and eager. The container of her life Turned against her.
  Throughout the strains, pulls, pinches Pains and cringes, I live through it.   Alarm rings. Right leg over left,
“scoliosis” a word i’d never thought i’d hear conclusions dusted themselves off from the back of my head it felt as if my body betrayed me, off course it veered 
Hurry get me out of this pain Why can I not move at all? For one moment, paralasis ran through my brain. 
If you look back then you will see,
A blessed curse "It could be worse." Stupid things I've always heard. Don't say a word. I know my life isn't the worst tragedy there is I scream that from the top of my terrace.  Everyone says sorry,
Comfortable in your own skin Perfect the way you are You define your beauty What happens when this becomes a lie Doctors list imperfections When you’re told you need to be fixed
I once had a twisted spine, But my curved back is now aligned. With bolted screws and titanium rods, I was lucky enough to beat the odds. I went through not 1, but 2 surgeries.
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