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I've known I like boys and girls
Her. She is mind blowingly beautiful.
I am a limited edition, I know you don’t like this competition, But I don’t need your permission, To be in this condition,
We all attempt to know ourselves. As people, we are born and the process begins. Exploration of body and mind, Blinking eyes and wiggling fingers and toes, We search for answers.
They hold hands,
Love, we are told is warm like the early rising of the sun.
It’s been a long time coming, women and civil rights, but yet we still segregate and hate. “Be different” they say, “be yourself”, but it’s illegal to do so. To love who I want and live happily ever after, forbid.
Hand in hand, down the street A loving kiss on the cheek Wrapped in a warm embrace A soft caress of the face   Woman and man Man and man Woman and woman Same love
My thought is deep and heart is weak
Eyes connect Shoulders rolling back Chest puffed out Plump lips of pure crimson Curling up in a seductive grin Beckoning that I come closer And closer still Breath quickening
what is love? love is a weird feeling. it makes you laugh, cry, mad, happy silly, and so much more. love is love. love chooses itself. one cannot choose who they fell in love with. love has no true definition. Love is the way you make me feel.
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