Don't Be Afraid, It's Only Love

Thu, 10/03/2013 - 23:52 -- sakiser


Eyes connect

Shoulders rolling back

Chest puffed out

Plump lips of pure crimson

Curling up in a seductive grin

Beckoning that I come closer

And closer still

Breath quickening

Pulse awakening

Blood rushing

In hushed tones

Whispered secrets kiss

Fingers brush through hair

Pulling softly with impure intentions

Cheeks flush of lust and abashment

A door opens


Pushing and shuffling

Questions thrown

Prejudices aimed

Insults armed

A wave of guilt

All for a glimpse of love

For she is a she

And I will never be a he



Being from good ole AL, I'm not someone who has always been in support of gay rights. I guess deep down, I always thought people were just doing it for attention. But those last two lines of your poem has sent chills down my spine as some sort of revelation. I can't say anymore that it's not a true feeling. Obviously, you love her.

I'm not trying to insult you, just saying that your poem has altered my belief in a way, and makes me reconsider. Great poem!

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