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I wonder how many unsuspected, blank expressions I have filled; in the background of a memory held dear to a stranger that I never gave my assent to. A stranger alone I have traveled in glee
The nerves expand, plunder me throughout Oh why, oh why do I sit here alone? What the future holds, will my life lead to more? Butterflies captured, hands shake Confidence is key, 
I still dont know what it was when I fiirst saw you You were different from the other guys I seen before I was wondering where you been all my life
I need to prepare. I have to get ready. I have got to get the part perfect.  I am here. I am alone. I am nervous  I should not be nervous. I have to calm down. I know I can do this.
Rain falls in the morning glory Smile, and colors ignite
Is it wrong that i want to observe everything you do? just simply watch you, and breath in every quirk and restlessness of your being sometimes you absent mindedly jitter your leg
I like to think i know you and that you know every dark corner of my being. how much is exchanged when gazes collide?
Hello  Umm......  I apologize if I'm a bother  I usually don't do this because I'm....  Well I get nervous  But I just wanted to tell you that you are gorgeous 
Butterflies Fluttering in my stomach or Crocodiles Gnawing at my innards I don't know which But it's somewhere in between  
My heart is racing and I think I don't know why my heart is racing maybe the anticipation of performing is running naked through my head What would they think? Maybe they wouldn't like it
I-am-not-nervous Iamnotnervous.   Breathe   I am not nervous. Really, I’m not.   I may look a wreck: tired eyes and hair a mess, dressed as if I haven’t done anything
The room is dark.   There’s nothing surprising about the void. The silence in my head. Or the drumming in my heart.  
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