Secret Admirer

Sat, 03/21/2015 - 21:41 -- Dwhiz


I still dont know what it was when I fiirst saw you

You were different from the other guys I seen before

I was wondering where you been all my life

Sometimes I felt God sent you there that one day

That one day we made our first interaction

I loved that day and I still replay it in my mind

but now it's over, and we remain strangers

I see you every now and then and I just want to ask you how was your day

I dont know what makes you happy, sad, angry

I dont know your favorite foods, movies, music

I wish I did, I don't know if you feel these things about someone else

or maybe you feel them about me, hell I guess i'll never know

but I still will pray for us, that one day we can come together and be together



Your secret admirer

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