reach out

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Tick tock, the clock now annoyingly sound, In that quiet room, she weeps as pain holds her bound, Deep down, she is nursing her depression wound, With no hope for a better life being found  
The mother walked into her home, Not expecting her story to be told in a poem.   But her life took a turn that day, There was no way
  There’s no lost and found at my school. Not one that works, not in any school that I’ve been All the lost items go straight in the bin  
Open your eyes Can’t you see This world’s lies Are not the reality   This world is broken It hurts us all When we look at the fallen And hear a freedoms call  
There is a dark ledge a precipice into an even darker abyss that everyone seems to know yet everyone seems to hope there is no such place. We all deny the place we know
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