i was your mother

The mother walked into her home,

Not expecting her story to be told in a poem.


But her life took a turn that day,

There was no way

for her to stay

the same after today.


She called for her daughter,

Seeming nonchalant.

Then she saw overflowing water

And there was no response like she did want.


She yelled even louder,

Still nothing but silence,

But the silence grew louder,

And she felt completely off balance.


She sensed something was wrong,

And ran down to her daughter’s room,

“She would never wait this long.”

The mother’s heart started to fill with gloom.


When she opened the door,

She didn’t know what to do,

Her daughter was there on the floor,

Her body had been cut into.


She dialed 9-1-1,

Completely panicked and numb.

In the hand of her only girl, there was a gun.

She braced herself for whatever may come.


It was not the gun that killed her though,

It must’ve been a back up.

There were cuts up to her elbow,

But around her neck a rope was tied up.


Her girl is dead,

There’s broken glass on the ground,

She had hung by a thread,

And fell, hearing no sound.


The glass chandelier could not hold her forever,

It snapped under the pressure,

Not knowing whatsoever

how much this girl was considered a treasure.


The conversation had ended,

She hung up the phone,

She feels misapprehended

Staring at her girl, who’s now cold as a stone.


She can’t keep in the tears.

All of these years

she has been her mother,

No one other.


My daughter, my daughter, my sweet little girl,

When did this all start to swirl

out of control?

Why didn’t you tell me the state of your soul?


I wish I had known,

Maybe you wouldn’t have felt so alone.

If only you’d told me

I could’ve helped you get free.


The pain that I feel

is now much too real.

How can I get over this?

“I didn’t even get to give you one last kiss.”


I was your mother,

I loved you like no one other.

I was supposed to be your support

But my time has been cut short.


My daughter, my daughter, my sweet little girl,

When did you start to twirl

Out of my arms?

Why didn’t I see the state of your arms?


I knew you were sad,

I knew things were hard,

But I didn’t know that it was this bad!

I’m not yet ready to leave you in a graveyard.


I was your mother,

I cherished you like no other.

I can’t believe you’re gone,

How can I now live on?


I see you had some hope,

So why did you grab that rope?

It was not your time to die,

“At least if I could have said goodbye.”


If you’d just opened up,

If you’d given me a chance,

I could’ve helped you to clean things up.

I couldn’t tell that anything was wrong, at first glance.


But I was your mother,

so I will miss you like no other.

Your wits, talents, beauty, and soul,

These are the things I’ll remember, not your need for control.


This poem is about: 
My family


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