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Poetry is my escape. Kind of like my outlet from the world. Sometimes when I can’t express the way I’m feeling.  I connect with poetry, to release the issues that have been bothering me.
Isolation is a dear friend of mine, We know each other well  Day after day I watch peers go by With stories they’ll never tell
It's turning my thoughts into words that gets me
You’d be surprised how much power we have over our own minds. I imagine survival back before our times and the development that required. They used their brains and had too. Using each part and functioning as one form.
Sometimes you just know Someone you meet That will change your life forever A memory you know You’ll never forget A conversation That changes your entire Perspective
My fingers are tingling For you Your smooth skin And liquid personality Like fire, taking control Quick whip of authority When needed, of course. Leader. Hawk, is what they call you
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