gem is I.


mountain tops
United States

There is a blonde dread loc rasta living in the rocky mountains

whose eyes are as blue as the sky

I know why you want to be like me

American Refugee

you are obsessed with obsidian


sent me home

go ahead

dance with no pants on

shoes on

obsessed with the kid in me


here is pyrite for the pirate in your soul

wise up, listen, it's never in control


like the snow

you falling in

white tops

like the peaks

that you are higher than

go live your life

admiring amethyst why you shine like the diamonds in the sky

pouring all twinkles in the glisten of my eye

pour it up pour it up


watch it all drip down

until my cup overflows

and its spilling all over my dress and

everyone knows

I see doubles

I am a fool times two

Yeah I am a fool for you

shame on me twice

its two in the morning

and you can’t get that voice out of my mind

its consoling


There is a blonde dread loc rasta

He said he is marley incarnate

colors like a garnet

be careful how you climb that granite

watch how you fall if you plan it

granted its your father that speaks spanish

but you were born in Brooklyn and only know English


you bought that dress a hue of bluish greys


you hate when you are beautiful because he is so ugly to you

Everything he does is so ugly to you

walk down telephone avenue and ignore my texts

why isnt he callin me

and so he looked at me and sang his favorite tune "

Good friends we have, oh, good friends we've lost

Along the way

In this great future,

You can't forget your past

So dry your tears, I say

No woman no cry, no woman no cry"


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