Web of Connections

Sometimes you just know
Someone you meet
That will change your life forever
A memory you know
You’ll never forget

A conversation
That changes your entire

Like the smooth waves
Over Manhattan beach
Sand so soft
Touched by an Angel’s hair

Strength. Courage. Commitment.
Integrity. Vision. Passion.

Integrity like a rope
Study enough to hold an anchor
Saving a ship
Touring magical islands

Doors that fly open
But only after much,
Continued effort to push them open
The hard work I see reflected in your eyes

Carpe Diem
Don’t let a door close
Before you’ve explored
The paradise that lies within
And Beyond.

Often we can get caught up in moments
Subliminal messages from society Herself
Telling us how we should act, think, feel, react
But it’s wrong.

Each step we charge forward
Finding just what we’re made of

An unstoppable force
Ultimately becoming an undetectable
Silent yet powerful strength for others.


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