Sometimes Words Just get in the Way

Wed, 10/29/2014 - 09:50 -- El.Bee

The belief of who you were is as irrelevant as crayons to dog food,

As irrational as a giving a toddler keys to drive home,

and as delusional as a man on multiple narcotics. 

The belief of who you were was just that,
     a belief.
I had faith you were a good for me
yet you crushed and destroyed that with a blink of your amber eyes. 
The person who you were was lurking to come out,
       crawling under your skin and emerged out as lies,
  or worse, the truth.
But how was I supposed to know the difference?
You ate my heart like a bulimic model.
All that was left was what you didn't want and vomited up. 
I wish I could make it easy.
I wish I could find the right words to say, but hey sometimes words get in the way,
So I'm better off keeping my mouth shut. Forcing anything that forces itself up back down. 


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