I did it again.
I walked to the priest with my face reflecting pain.
I said to him, “Priest, you are the modern quintessence of Cain!”
“Priest, you are this society’s pain!”
You lie, saying that we are not all equal.
That only Christians will get to inherit the Man Above’s Kingdom.
Guess that means fuck the Buddhists and motherfuck the Muslims!
Priest, I have met many ignorant shits in my lifetime,
But you my good sir, by far outdo them all.

I am choking on my own observance.
I am choking on the fecal matter spewing out of your mouth!
You tell me I have this right, I have that right,
But then you walk around in the night,
Buying my vote, buying her vote, stripping away our might,
To vote for what’s right!

I did it again.
I went to Gikomba and a kid called my mama a nasty name,
And all because I wouldn’t let him wipe my shoe.
So I grabbed his ear and pulled and pulled,
And I would have kept pulling hadn’t he said ‘sorry’.
For what children are these,
That won’t respect their elders?

I did it again!
I saw a needle, and with my veins I just had to meddle.
My life is playing me like a fiddle,
So I am going crazy speaking to animals like Dr. Do Little.
I needed to get high just a little,
Maybe then my problems would meet me in the middle,
Maybe then my few friends would triple.

Mama help!
He did it again.
Mama get daddy off me!
He’s choking me! His alcohol breathe is murdering me!
Oh no he is groping again in the dark,
Mama, build me a Noah’s Ark,
Or I swear to God one day I’ll murder this fuck!

I did it again.
I reprimanded God for creating a world so callous,
I said “God in another life I’d want to be you,
Maybe then I’d keep Adam and Eve from trying that fruit.”

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Our world
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