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You spilled your thoughts as ink  A rolling field of paper and colour  Painting your emotions away  Filling a blank canvas with life 
I wanna see you shine I wanna see you breathe life into the universe Cause lately it feels like it’s falling apart I got your name tattoed on my heart
She waits, silently in the lifeless yard. The sky that night, dark and starred. She lays there, waiting, its getting late. When he comes, they'll leave this fate.   
Dear Friend, I must inform you of an ocurrance most absurd, a long-running line of separatio has ben blurred. Preparing pass the church this morn, the ghostly friar spoke with young Romeo of the Montagues
I sometimes look at the forlorn pale moon.
I play tribute to words when I etch them onto my arm with a new black sharpie. I doodle until I  find it fitting to stop, but I never do. My body becomes a canvas, my mind spinning with thoughs I cannot contain. Peace.
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