Romeo and Juliet

You spilled your thoughts as ink 

A rolling field of paper and colour 

Painting your emotions away 

Filling a blank canvas with life 

As you spilled your happiness within me 

Little did I know your colour was running out 

I wish I had known before your world came crashing down 

And mine came crumbling with it. 

And all were left of my emotions was rubble 

And guilt 

I love you 

But I should have loved you harder 

Before the word sounded foreign to you 

At the depths of your memories 

Reminding you of heartache and grief 

I wish I'd known you were painting your mind with black 

Shadows draping your happiness in sorrow 

Now you’re gone

I hope you’re smiling

Dancing with another girl

I only wish the best for you

Though I grasp onto your memory



And now it’s I whose going under

We were a tragic romance

Romeo and Juliet

We were never meant to be

But my feelings linger with you

And now it’s my time to say goodbye

As I stray down another path

I hope you’re happy



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