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Vines in between my palms Clouded the thoughts of an unattainable scheme Accompany a seemingly harmless pirouette crashing to the tear soaked floor  
In the already messed up nature of the world, she couldn’t find a Drop Of  life.There was nothing in the pond, Nor on the shelf in her closet. Nothing.She stood alone in silence. Isolated. She never sat, because she had too much to do. Too much to
Once, and forever after, a Wat
Non existent
What makes me tick? Where to even begin? How can I reply when I can’t rely On my own mind. Exactly what kind Of question requires a response to complex It perplexes me, thoughts so convex
God instills the toughest battles on His strongest soldiers.
  I miss the wind blowing through your hair, the smile that creeps up and lingers, Your eyes never quite meeting mine, and the things you whisper so sweetly.   Pain draws me up inside,
When you breathe in the crisp morning, it is the color of the air. When you shiver on a winter's night, it is the color of your lips. When his fingers skirt across your bare back, it is the chill that zigzags through your veins
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