A Stream of Consciousness

God instills the toughest battles on His strongest soldiers.
If it were true, I could be lifting boulders on these battered shoulders.
Everyone's different, but our blood is all red,
you can't speak for what I see if you're not in my head.
One match will light a whole forest or it can go out instead,
a small flicker can change everything, but it never did.
Retrace love to where it began and it's a mystery.
First love is forever gone,
the rest will lead to misery.
To never have loved is to lack human history.
To have loved and have lost is not a loss but a victory.
Every day mirrors the last, nothing seems to change.
Irritation from the past fills my soul up like mange.
The skies are getting bluer, the clouds are always gray.
My friends are getting fewer, can't ask for them to stay.
A stream of divided thoughts, connected only by my mind.
My soul lives as my body rots,  a hollow carcass left behind.
Meloncholy has claimed today.
Meloncholy won't go away.




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