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Last night we said goodbye to 2022.Out with the old and in with the new.The new year is here at last.2022 is a thing of the past.I hope that 2023 will be a terrific year.And when I say that, I'm being sincere.
The new year eve is the time for a celebration This year though there are more reasons to do it The year that's about to go was no less memorable The world was forced to wage a battle against a virus
I spend the 2016 new year in the room that your smile would light like the fireworks outside, the room is dark now. Just thinking that a few weeks ago it was december.
Do you know what a friend is? One who is there for you and cares One who no matter what is there for you   How can you call yourself a friend with the way you act? You scream and shout
I used to be alone - locked out and then locked in; and after days of patient searching return home lonely once again.   I used to be afraid-- to risk the venture of a hand;
For one minute, the past
Time goes by so quickly there was little time to contemplate the joy we had in our daily lives We hardly thought of our loved ones and our friends because our hectic life had no room for it
He's white and tan and blond smoldering blue eyes He plays baseball, a star jock   She's black, well brown-skinned actually Her hair is jet black and shiny, Shoulder length and gloriously curly
      Yearning for attention
It's a new year they say,
Another year, come and gone; Broken and recreated strong, Smashed away to smithereens. Now love fills my life's canteen.   A year ago lodged in my throat Nonexistent happiness I could gloat.
Knock on resolution but where is your heart it should be with mine progress over perfection take it one day at a time   Join my revolution just open up your heart change is never easy
Chaos consumes the essence of my soul Creating clouds that circle the once pale blue sky of my past Choppy waves of the ocean encompass the earth from below Choking, gasping for air
It’s a new year It’s a new season Joyfully, abundantly, graciously Big dreams, big things, the pain and suffering Is back in the day. It’s a new year, Putting on the shield of faith.
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