Work Together, Change for Earth

Tue, 01/21/2014 - 19:36 -- es0807

It's a new year they say,

wipe the slate clean,

wash it all away.

I speak for change,

for the health of our world,

ideals we need to rearrange,

to save the environment.


Many are ignorant,

to the deterioration of our home,

continuing to litter the Earth with styrofoam,

detrimental chemicals seep into soil,

as a thief sneaks into a home.

We are the cause of thief's actions,

What could have been prevented,

no longer is prevalent,

we can only deal with what we have now,

work together to stop further breakout.


What will happen

I wonder,

to the picturesque dreams,

locations that seem,

peaceful and inviting.

If they are taken over by human waste,

and things of similar distaste,

no longer will we have our terra firma,

where we belong.


What's your favorite color?

Green? Purple? Orange, you say?

Doesn't matter,

soon everything will be black and gray.

I speak for change,

we must all work together,

in this new age,

to change for the better.



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