Greetings, New Year


United States
40° 44' 57.0444" N, 73° 36' 55.2744" W

For one minute, the past

Turns to one minute of the future

A night that pushes us to move on

And dismiss the use of our sutures

A night celebrated to the very second
That gives way to thousands more
One that is clothed with hopes of change
Change that rearranges us to our core
A night that we try to close doors
And 365 days we lay to rest
A night that we seize the keys to new doors
And hope for the very best
Even though the only guarantee
Is another year's start
We are intoxicated with hope
And limitless as it fills our hearts
The epitome of a new start
New beginnings, new chapters
Never forgetting the old
But new futures we wish to capture
A night, just like the previous
Giving way to a day just like the next
Change we can enact at any time
But somehow tonight gives a different effect
A celebration of a year
A year of life, loss, and love
Never forget
But let it fuel you to aim above
May you have a happy new year
May you share a hug or kiss
May you form a bright future
May your resolutions never fall amiss
May we celebrate what we have achieved
And those who stood by us
And unlock a future
That is entirely our own and incredibly limitless


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