mind games

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If boys will be boys Then girls will be toys Consistently falling For all of their ploys And allowing their confidence To be destroyed
The bottom of the ocean. Not viewable to anyone. 95 percent unknown. Yet, many people do not fear it. I am not one of those people. Yet, my senior project was to swim one mile.
Numbers, express, fractions, percents the fear with my hands being sweaty. Teacher asks, " Deloria what is the answer"? Of course, I freeze all I can think is zero.
Play me a song ‘Cause I’m feeling lonely Like the sad lyrics Of a Troye Sivan single Fuck it, I’ll dance all by myself
You're like my own personal drug, Addicive and intoxicating, You cast a spell on me, And I can never break free.   It's dangerous, And I know I should run,
My mind is such a mess. I wish I could explain. Am I happy or am I upset? It's hard to tell with such pain. Should I even care? Because at times things aren't fair. I could feel the change.
Had I known that the prerequisitefor our relationshipwas beating your step dad Rexon a mountain bikeI would have challenged him to a rematchI didn't know we were racingI didn'tI didn't
Perhaps it is human nature to seek out hidden things? Or is it just to reach for things unseen? The mysteries of the mind are unsolved, and will remain as such.
You texted me hey and I felt butterflies accumulate in my stomach The effect you have on me, like the slam of the ocean on the waves Relentless,  powerful, the continuous crash as I think about you I want you
I lost myself inside my head-space No mind palace up here. I went a-wandering inside myself. And I tell you, its been years... Since all of my saw the sun Hugged a friend, Smelled a flower.
I worry about the future, because of my past. And I wonder if this pain, will continue to last. All the things that happened and the things I've done, All I want to do, is continue to run.
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