Mind Games

You texted me hey and I felt butterflies accumulate in my stomach

The effect you have on me, like the slam of the ocean on the waves

Relentless,  powerful, the continuous crash as I think about you

I want you

Looking into the deep iris of your soul you have my heart shattering into a million pieces

You look at me with pain in your eyes as you try to pick up the fragile fragments and you come up bleeding

I am poison to anyone that touches my heart

I will not allow you to get near, I ward you off with my words and sly smiles

Keep you questioning yourself but wanting more

It’s a cat and mouse game but I am the mouse trap, I am the cheese, I am the device that will slowly suck the life out of you

I cannot be trusted

Not because I don’t love you but it’s because I love you too much that I rather you see the hateful, dark, manipulative part of me

The me that you will never love but always question whether you want

I keep you sipping from my cup of poison like a dog on a leash

I will make you my bitch

And you will come crawling back as the ocean does the tide

Crashing down and slowly floating over my surface only to pull back

I will mess with your mind

Because I don’t want you to leave me behind

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