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I want not a wolf in sheeps clothing a diamond in the rough a fancy french wedding I want only  SIMPLICITY not a bouquet of the finest roses a single lilac picked from the front yard
What lays out there in the deep of the night with roaring blazes of life and light masses so big whose dance is so fine a sweet sound of nothing silence divine I realize I've been staring
I follow the sun in all its glory  Wondering if you’ll chase me? I’m stuck in the ground  But you refuse to perceive me You refuse to know me Refuse to love, me. I follow the sun as if I’m its shadow.
Closed in a closed cave  Its's so dark I cannot see my own skin No flashlight, no torches, no matches, helpless I can't start a fire...its's so dark I see no light
Looking out the Window I see my slight reflection, notice my brown complexion and see all the weathers pondering whether I should wear that red sweater.
Going for what you thought was perfect then regret what was left behind because you thought it was not worth it. Stuck in the middle and no turning back feeling lost, all actions have a cost, no money involved.
  A warm running Fireplace had to stay Love was needed and some hugs right away It was fifty shades of grey just without the grey Flames flickering tonight but not today
Standing on the Ocean shore allowed water to brush his feet Bubbling froth wrapped around while sand underneath brought peace Never in a million years have chirping birds sounded so graceful
I'm not gonna pretend I know much about my home land, Palestine heck I have never stepped on its rich soil, that people have fought for it for centuries That have lost their lives, there loved ones and their homes.
Rest now soldier your quest is put to rest Bloody wounds ache in sorrow it'll be better for you tomorrow You'll leave the battle field once in for all He's waiting to take you home soldier hear his call
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