~ Ocean ~

Standing on the Ocean shore allowed water to brush his feet
Bubbling froth wrapped around while sand underneath brought peace
Never in a million years have chirping birds sounded so graceful
Surrounding the Ocean sky on a setting sun nature remains faithful
The crisp wind engulfed his limbs and tousled his hair
The Ocean so vast, endless, and blue received with a blank stare
Nearby chatter flooded out by the Ocean's soothing song
Xavier searched clear skies only seeking where he belonged
In the distance, green trees rustled, waves crashed gently
Captured by the precious Ocean ever so friendly
As the sun retired, skies casted colors of pinks and peaches
It was then reflected in white clouds he shall not repeat it
Through grace of nature and trust in God he saw his grandfather's smile
Walking home, he knew his presence would extend an endless mile...

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