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three houses, one hotel, and it seemed every guy on my street still conversed at the corner. there's always an element to hide; some grams of H' to the breast pocket, weed and some ganja. Green;
It is gargantuan, dwarfs in comparison, The force of a torrent, the strength of a garrison, Started fervent from base, up went the base heroine.   Many hath tried to suffice, yet none to home have come,
You can't blame me for the nights you went out. I didn't claim to save you from that needle when you behave the way you do.
Hello, old friend, I am calling for you, can you hear? I know I've strayed, but can you save me once more? Against your warnings I've jumped and forgot how to swim.
 Her voice was the first to enchant my mind.  Then came her face, lovelier than dreams.  Through every scene, I gazed, awestruck.  All else fades when she’s onscreen.   What drew me close, I cannot explain.
Eating dog food,
See the silent voices on the stand The black and white beneath your hand Do you dare to touch or even look You gaze at the lines in the open book The dots that bounce with yearning song
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