Eating dog food,
Searching for your love
in a heater vent?
Pouring blue into
a cup
is that windex?
Driving around,
threw nacho cheese
at a lady that cut you off?
You are so cool,
I always though,
are you a mom at all?
Having fun 
at the park,
but where are you?
Walking home
in the dark,
and I need you?
Nodding out
under a bed,
I am crying?
Tears running
down my face,
what are you doing?o
Taking something
like a small pill
does this to you?
Inject a needle
into your veins,
makes you happy?
You are hurting
me mommy,
can't you see?
You need
to stop,
but how?
I will show
Red running down
from the cuts on my arm,
shows the pain you have caused.

Please stop mommy


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