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Tonight is not a night for despair,  The shadows play everywhere, If your ready you can join them.  Their games are jolly and fun, You’ll have the time of your life But beware; 
Childhood friends on the playground; Playing in the sand finding gems; Getting ourselves dirty for no reason; Becoming our own superheroes.
Intact in my eye are a five year old's streets I peeled oranges bored in Sunday-School pews Seldom a shoe on my naked free feet Never my knees without  blue bruise The table clothed mountain ,
A rocket waits to fly From its launchpad In the living room. Helmet on, radio in hand, Two explorers approach.   One room over
I'm not playing this game hate to disappoint  but i’m not your little monkey that jumps at your tune, i’m not joining in and definitely not your partner in this cruel little dance.
  When I feel sad or I feel confused; If I'm feeling blue or a little down, I find relief and escape from it all,
My destination was not to your heart, but your mind. Can I trick you into believing your mine? Of course I can, This wouldn't be my first time.
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