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Me and the world are holding on to peace like it's 1969 but really though Like a nation at war we are tied What a conceptual terror that is Like a world at peace we are bound
This is a peom about my thoughts as I was waiting for my first job interview. I was so nervous!    What to do now? As I wait to begin It’s only 10 mixtures
Fear grips me, my heart races and sweat trickles down my back and anxiety takes over. Gradually, my panic is reduced to nervousness. I keep playing after I miss the ball, the coach yells at me.
ANXIETY   The endless thoughts, The hesitations. The stomach aches, Headaches, Tears. Holding herself back,
ANXIETY   The endless thoughts, The hesitations. The stomach aches, Headaches, Tears. Holding herself back,
At the top of the bleachers in an unfamiliar school, judges look out over a vast crowd. Speakers over 8 feet tall are stacked together blasting 90’s, 2K, and Today’s music,
Abigail SullivanPart 1: A Letter to Cerebral Ameloid Angiopathy. Out of nowhere, you chose my dad as a potential victim to interrogate.
Fallen Shoulders Once Raised High Gardens Growing Up like Vines Flower fields place their Roots Deep within the Spine they Loop Beneath Between Around About The Cord that Dances Up to the Crown.
A dry mouth and sweaty hands Eager eyes glued to mine  While I found my line.   The words were written down in black Doublespaced, in case I lost track Fear in my head But in my heart,
The world is silent and tired,having borne the weight of a thousand restless soulsand the window pane shivers as the night drags on and I feelalmost sorrybut I can see little diamonds coruscating in the darkness,constellations dancing a story olde
Peaking anxiety No where to run Just so hard To get the job done Red in the face Heart rate not paced Faster and faster Anxiety increased
Bam, the door closes Your toe is in between Oww, oww, you yell and jump around while holding your leg   Sensory nerves from your toes Shoots up your body to the brain
Nerves racing, heart pounding, I walk up to the stage. I have to read this poem (just some words written on a page). They're Robert Frost's "Wind and Window Flower" so beautiful but far;
Before I step onto the floor, My legs being to shake. I hear the people roar, My stomach starts to ache.
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