it's okay

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I close my eyes. I lean back. I breathe deeply, in, out, in, out. I let my heart beat slow. And I’m gasping for air. Coughing, sputtering.
There is a mask on my face. It is on my face. No one can tell that I have it on, because they only notice the smile. The smile that hides the pain inside. No one noties the frown on the other side.
they way that poems speak;  had once spoken to me, it said, "ain't your time to leave" don't worry you'll pull through, you still got air to breath. but we've got work to do  to get you on your feet
my mom's gf and her roommate would have parties almost every night and every weekend random guys and girls would come over to drink the night away and that's when I'd want to just sleep my life away
Dear 13-year-old Juliana,  Things will get better. Slowly but surely, you will discover that have anxiety, Which explains why you are the way you are.
for once the silence is ours. ours to laugh at ours to keep  ours to cry to in our sleep  ours to love  and ours to hate  whether we be, a sinner or saint. ours to find comfort 
one Sometimes, there are last Christmases, last birthdays, last goodbyes. And sometimes, you don't know that that's what they are until they've gone by. two
There's a fire burning on the horizon, Just the start of a new day- Try to begin a new way; Don't forget to live before you die, son. Don't let the dark clouds cover, you
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