Seventeen Things I Learned When I Was Seventeen


Sometimes, there are last Christmases, last birthdays, last goodbyes.

And sometimes, you don't know that that's what they are until they've gone by.


You might miss the grove from which your tree was removed,

but so long as you have your roots, you have everything.


You can fight tooth and nail for something, and still not win.

There might not be a saving-grace miracle.

You might fail.


Forgive yourself.


The road to body positivity and self love isn't a road at all. It's a cul-de-sac.

You will go around and around, with good days and bad days.

Be patient.


(see #4)


Maybe, in another life, you end up with that boy.

Or maybe, it's this life, 15 years from now. Either way, just do your thing,

because life has a funny way of bringing people back to each other, if it's meant to be.

It's a small world, after all.


Never compromise your sense of self or your beliefs

for the sake of keeping a friendship. It is never worth it.


Stop saying "I love you" when you don't mean it.


No matter how difficult it is, be honest without being cruel,

and everyone involved will be better for it.


The greatest thing your father ever did for you was teach you

how to spot a toxic, manipulative narcissist.

Use this skill. It will come in handy.


You're not broken. It's not your fault.


The weirdest thing about PTSD is the forgetting exactly what happened.

It's okay. You're coping, and you don't need to prove your trauma to anyone.


The things that you feel are real, are. Simply because you feel them.


You are so kind, and brave, and loyal, and smart

and strong; stronger than you know.


Life moves on to bigger and brighter things

than your safe little high school bubble.

It's okay. Move with it.


You are going to be okay.



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