What you are to me


and it's not crazed


or spontaneous

not momentary

no midnight blur

or vodka haze

not morning-after




it's not

waiting by the phone

no pouring my heart out at 3 in the morning

"it's not me,  it's you"


it's not pained silence

for treasured 


no unspoken words

or open-ended thoughts


it's not uncertainty

not darkness

it's not endless hours of over-analyzed words

nor notebooks full of




it's soft whispers

and lazy days

whiskey kisses

a quiet understanding


it's safety

and human warmth

its days in

days out


the big "AHA:

that crept in quietly

it's you

it's me

then us


it's acceptance

of the crevices

and all these dark


it's my past

your history

our future


soft eyes, silent smiles

it's not having to tell you who I am

because you're learning me


because you know

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