losing a friend

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Friendships don't always last, then again some just might; People grow apart sometimes through fight or through flight. You had a spark of something excellent that came from inside;
I have a problem, you see. There’s a girl I want But she doesn’t want me. I give her my soul, my secrets, I give her everything
I want a reason for your actions Give me words Not just your reactions I have a life That’s getting torn apart Your word is a knife
I don’t know how to start. I guess, with saying that you stole my heart. Your laugh engulfed every second of my day, You were, you are my love.
Slash at my arms, my legs, my throat What God is there to pray to  that creates such emotions as this. I pray.   To not feel, I search for a void to I search for a void I search for
I was just thinking, how strange that I'll never walk those halls again But sadly, surreally, neither will you.  I will miss you terribly, my friend.  Even more now. 
The empty chair behind us is a reminder. We often see the apparitions, an outline, not etched in painting, transcribed in script.
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