Memory Spark (A Final Farewell to Brian Patrick Coleman)

Friendships don't always last, then again some just might;

People grow apart sometimes through fight or through flight.

You had a spark of something excellent that came from inside;

Treating everyone you met with acceptance and great stride.

I don't know if I'll ever again meet someone like you;

The life of the party's some big shoes to fill.

I remember Pink Floyd, Hershey Park, and O.C.;

Pulling all-nighters with boxed wine or that night on LSD.

I think of you everytime I hear "I'm Eighteen" or "Comfortably Numb".

I still laugh at your jokes even if most were incredibly dumb.

You were the life of every party I remember from back then;

If anyone can party in Heaven, you can.

I know God sees that spark, the same one I saw back then;

So I know Heaven is where we'll see each other again.


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