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Look at me Look at my eyes Look at my nose Look at my thighs Look at my lips Look at my color They all have one thing in common
I can feel my blood boil. My eyes picking out all the imperfections. Harsh criticism that makes me bleed from the inside out.
There are no flaws with the body I wear.
When I was a young child, I loved myself. I confidently strutted my polka-dot sweater and striped skirt,
"I am Flawless" I mean I guess....I didn't always think so though. The way my stretch marks curve over my lower. The baby tooth I have that refuses to come out.
Flawless It is just a word People strive to become it People die to become it But it is just a word Beauty is in the eye of the beholder That's one person's opinon
love your photograph   it's now all social media don't fear criteria   getting likes, sharing pictures everyone has different scriptures.   sometimes people feel insecure
Looking at my reflection every morning Never knowing what to expect Some days I love it     some days I hate it But one day I look inside the reflection and see someone beautiful
No, I am not Kelly Clarkson I really do have hazel eyes, Its where my conscience hides It tells me I am beautiful But I deny It sings me lullabys when I cry about how pretty hurts,
 I was once an ugly black girl with a big gap
Modern times are curious. My eyes see the refreshed feed that refresh me and make me see. Fancily Photoshopped fellas “free of flaws” but they are unable to emulate me. Modern times are curious, see?
Many women are ashamed of their bodies. I was. I hated my stringbean figure, My straight hair that never does what it is told, My thick legs, My freckles, My glasses and my eye color.  
I shattered like window and glass.My reflection was not what I wanted.Smiling I walked to my class,But I was frail bones and weak minded. 
if the boy you love consistently asks for sex but refuses to treat you like the goddess you are, leave him 
She stands in front of the mirror and gives a good look at herself. She wants to see a heart shaped face with light eyes. She wants to see a clear skinned girl with a slim figure. She wants to see everything she isn't, in herself.
Learning acceptance of what cannot be changed, Gaining knowledge of destruction, Unveiling of the path which cannot be ignored, Learning old ways which cannot be ignored,
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