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United States
37° 56' 17.9664" N, 122° 19' 39.9288" W

I shattered like window and glass.

My reflection was not what I wanted.

Smiling I walked to my class,

But I was frail bones and weak minded.


Eat less, purge more was my dictum.

A perfect image I prevailed;

But nothing is wrong with society’s system,

Because no one ever railed.


Obsession and dissatisfaction became hobbies.

Hours spent sweating and spitting.

Scales and measuring tapes remained my priorities.

Silence was my friend so I was not quitting.


Skinny girls are the prettiest.

Brainwashed by commericials and magazines,

I had to be the fittest.

No one worries so there are no irregularities;


Except when the truth is uncovered.

Sirens screeching, monitors beeping.

Taken to rehab for your life to be recovered,

But it all becomes about your eating.


But habits die hard,

And pretending is easy.

You leave your family scarred

And the world uneasy.


Your story is taught and preached,

A pandemic of advocating awareness.

But you are now dead,

And the longer careless.


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