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Growing up like any other kid i had to have “the talk”. You know the talk when they explain that people will automatically assume that your ignorant, thunderous, and bombastic because your 10 shades darker than them. Or you know the talk when you
Y'all can't keep killing us and thinking y'all are going to keep getting away with it we  sick and tired of coming up with hashtags for our lost long black brothers and sisters that we ain't never met before but since you died we feel f
See if y'all keep playing imma turn this thing into columbine oh nah it's not funny when I make white jokes but when y'all make black ones it's a comedy show.
 I am young and fierce; I am tall and strong; To some I am feared, and they say I don't belong; Yet I have a place on earth, and I have a voice;
People Love to see a Black Men Struggling or Hustling on the Streets Where I'm From They Love seeing A Negro Sagging His Pants With Gold Teeth in His Mouth Where I'm Everybody & They Momma Are wanna Be Thugs & Gangsta Thats Why Most People
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