Ready or not

Y'all can't keep killing us and thinking y'all are going to keep getting away with it we  sick and tired of coming up with hashtags for our lost long black brothers and sisters that we ain't never met before but since you died we feel for your mothers and if y'all know the black community when bad things happen we seem to come together so your mother is my mother and since she lost a son i guess I lost my brother too. Damn like y'all acting like we asking for America back since we built this shit nah man we just asking for equality God knows we deserve that shit. Because y'all been killing us for way to long and getting away with it for way to long. How you treat someone so  horrible who built those pretty little houses and condos that y'all love so much and I'm hip to those people who love the White House don't worry because that was all us too, did y'all forget we raised your children that you don't have control over ,we invented every type of music you could ever dream of and don't get me started on the hair styles that y'all keep stealing from us btw they are called  Bantu knots not curly knots. What y'all think y'all deserve America? See there white people go again thinking they deserve shit when they ain't work for it ain't bleed for shit! Y'all just make sure y'all ready for the civil rights movement part two because this time we not being peaceful but smart within the laws with it and this time we taking bodies back with us because my people getting sick of this shit. Got us black women out here scared to have sons. Y'all better be happy we just asking for equality and not revenge.



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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