Funny or nah

See if y'all keep playing imma turn this thing into columbine oh nah it's not funny when I make white jokes but when y'all make black ones it's a comedy show. Oh no don't let the president know he isn't black enough to get all the black votes but not white enough to be considered an American. Dang man! Don't y'all know it's a hard life out here for a black man and even harder for a black women because they don't want us to embrace our curls and our melanin but want the top secret tips to our hair styles, ass and creative talents. Black women, the #1 supporter of black men but we only have black men as our #3 maybe even 4 supporter ahead of them is God and other black women that look like us . And no disrespect to our black man but where was our black men when we was looking for our black girls and no disrespect to our black men because we love our black men but it's hard when you're brought up to love someone who wasn't raised to love you im just trying to state the obvious. But what's a world to a black women when she created it , turned it upside down all on her own call her First Lady by the name of Eve. Y'all can't tell me y'all not hearing me at least tell me y'all listening. I guess it's not funny no more when you hear the jokes without the laughter. 



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My community
My country
Our world
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