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Being a human being is to love everyone Don’t get confused about being a Christian Who is to be a Super Being, a great Human
i look around myself and im startled at what i see millions of other people who love and live like me   we may be different some on surface or beneath but all together people
(Thy lovely lasses unwittingly unstintingly unexpectedly taught me selflessness) * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Every Holiday time each year, a rocketing increase asperdoling out Uriah Heap ping largesse imposed upon eachc
When people say, "That's so nice of you to help with the dishes." I respond with "I do dishes because half are mine." Love, joy, sorrow, anger, dreams, hopes, and wishes.
Love is caring for someone, even if it isn’t reciprocated. Love is helping someone, even when it isn’t needed. Love is blessing someone, even though it isn’t known. Love is being friend with someone,
Once upon a time, in a village far away; There was a girl who’d gone astray. Her father a king, her brother a prince, The very thought of it made her wince. She knew of the hungry, she knew of poor;
Headlines. Trump- worst president in history Trump ruined America How Trump is spending his money The truth about Trump.  Okay, so we hate Trump.  How many of us can really say why?
To sit down to an amazing meal after a long journey Giving thanks aloud to the Heavenly chef New wines, not old enough to foment Platters spiral outward from the center of the room
Oh the few that stand The test of time Oh the few content To be sublime Oh the few rich That care for the poor Oh these few that were But are no more   Oh the few that hold
Once I saw an old man planting an apple tree the shovel, firm in his hand the pain, sharp in his knee   I heard the prayers on his lips and the earth striking steel
Movies and films are much more than just fun. films that reveal victims that are more than done. i want to be a director that shares their dismay, I'll show how good wins but how evil still poisions the day.
            It is the sound of hushed breathing. It is the rhythmic silhouette of strides, the perfectly choreographed dance. It is the way that the summer sunlight creates small crystals in the hanging spider webs.
The transcript: 
     Blinded by the glimmer,  the light off-centered, shining on the empty things, objects of suffering, grasping all that glitters, grasping all that glitters, a light which seems to flicker, on and off throughout the night, will you reconsider? 
Love has no boundaries. Love is selfless. Love is scarifice. Love is charity. The rich in love reach out to the helpless.  The heart of gold grows in maturity. One finds passion and eternally grows.
Are you in my family? I know it's a silly question but answer please.   My family helps me and I help them. I know I would help you, but would you help me? My family cares about me and I care about them.
I've been out, I've been around. I've seen parts of this world, not just my little town. It's insightful to me to see how others believe. It's insightful to me to see how we perceive.
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