Give to this Life

I've been out, I've been around.
I've seen parts of this world, not just my little town.
It's insightful to me to see how others believe.
It's insightful to me to see how we perceive.

It's in all of us. That little spark.
Listen to eachother, Hark, Hark.
Why do we put each other down?
When we know this life is no fanciful gown.

Though I may be small and act as though I know it all.
I'm learning and yearning for a blistering burning.
I want that fire to keep pushing on.
I know I can make it till the next dawn.

So what can I do for myself and others?
Give oh give to all my brothers.
Give oh give to all my sisters.
Work so hard it gives me blisters.

This life has purpose for you and me.
You may not be famous but that's the point can't you see?
Even the smallest act of kindness,
can heal the darkest blindness.
It opens the heart of you and them.
It's the beginning of a sharing stem.
If you've influenced someone's heart to give,
You've done your job. You've given the passion to live.


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