Christmas Toys

     Blinded by the glimmer,  the light off-centered, shining on the empty things, objects of suffering, grasping all that glitters, grasping all that glitters, a light which seems to flicker, on and off throughout the night, will you reconsider?   All that shines gives you joy, just like a Christmas toy, the day will come to pass that it will sit among the mass, of other broken toys, you sit among the pile, your time was it worth while? Your hope, love, and joy all for a broken toy.   The road to happiness does not depend on excessiveness, will you reconsider? Will you reconsider? Not grasping all that glitters, the road is paved with righteousness, of a God who will bless any one who enters, and all who will deliver a life of love and confidence, loving Him without grasping all that glitters, will you reconsider? Will you reconsider?                                              


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