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I read it again and again. Is it good? Is it worhty? Will they like it? Its already submitted. Its already too late. Can't turn back now. Is it my poem they will hate?  
Torn between fitting in and standing out. Torn between what's right and what's wrong. Torn between agreeing and disagreeing. Torn between family and friends. Torn between who I might be and who I want to be.
“…I mean, I’m right. Right?”   Stop.
                                                                  I Am Me by Jesus R.   -Who are you?   I am me. -What about them? I dont care who they are, what they do. 
One of the most unknown things to man is silence.
I once heard the saying “Don’t judge a man until you’ve walked t
Childhood sky is full of stars, But when you get adult, Wherever you look, You see some clouds.
I am exhausted; Tired of all of the childish games, The bickering, The lying, The constant putting down Of anyone That crosses your path, That gets in your way – No matter who they are
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