Is it good enough?

Sat, 09/10/2016 - 12:53 -- Mckailb

I read it again and again.

Is it good?

Is it worhty?

Will they like it?

Its already submitted.

Its already too late.

Can't turn back now.

Is it my poem they will hate?


I read it again and again.

Hows my grammar?

Will they care?

Should I add a picture?

Will the critics be harsh...?...

Will my Efforts be noticed?

I hope I captured my Emotion.

If I spelled anything wrong...will they notice?


I read it again and again

Am I worthy?

Am I powerful enough?

Did my story reach the audience?

Would my english teachers be proud?

Is this something I should even invest in?

Are my thoughts, feelings, and passions poetry quality?

Uncertainty is the world I live in.


I read it again and stop


Its over.

Its already submitted.

Theres nothing left.

Theres nothing to do.

stop worrying.

Dear, Self Im proud of you.





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